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Silhouette by Alexis

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I invite you to work smarter with me. Silhouette is rooted in pilates technique, integrated with barre balance and flexibility, and completed with follow-along dance cardio to keep your heart healthy and give you the perfect balance. I am here to help you build longterm habits, longterm functionality, and reap the longterm results of feeling your best in your silhouette. With the APP and the Live (zoom) Studio Silhouette is here to help you habit-stack and keep your routine accessible from anywhere.

Live Classes

Nothing beats the energy of a live Zoom class!

On Demand

On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.


Signature Classes

Silhouette™ (Signature) Barre
A unique blend of gentle cardio + a fun house beat + barre/pilates strengthening exercises to get everything in at once, the Silhouette class is beat-driven to help you let go, have fun and nurture your Silhouette from within.

Deep House Pilates Flow
Enhance your mind-body connection - experience the Signature pilates flow class from the Silhouette by Alexis APP that is a seamless slow, deep burn in every major muscle group of your body that integrates breath work, balance, flexibility, and strength. Walk out of class different than you walked in.

Pilates - Banded Sculpt
For those who love the added challenge of a resistance band - this full body burn will sculpt and challenge every major muscle group in your body and leave you feeling stronger than before. You can also take this class without a band and still get a fantastic workout!

Power Dance Cardio
You've never had so much fun getting your heart-rate elevated! Follow simple, fun choreography to the best dance music as well as blend in low-impact strengthening exercises both standing and on your mat.

Pilates - Fire Abs
Bring your focus to the root of it all: your abdominals. This is the class that will benefit not only every workout you do, but it will also impact how you go about your every day life activities with less stress, anxiety, and tension in your body. Ready to feel the fire?



Hi! My name is Alexis Sweeney. I was raised in Huntington Beach, California and now living in NYC, I wanted to create a platform that helps you to build a routine that is sustainable long term, that you look forward to every time you tune in. I am here to help you continue to feel your best in your body, 10, 20, 30 years from now.

Silhouette is unique in that it offers you Barre, Pilates, AND Dance Cardio. As an ex-professional dancer who wore a back brace for her scoliosis all of high-school, who also suffered from body-dysmorphia, it took me YEARS to feel comfortable, bold, and confident in my own silhouette, and my mission is to share my journey and help you to feel the best in your skin. I want to celebrate how incredibly unique and strong you are.

I want Silhouette to be your safe space, your community, your home. The Live Zoom classes and the On-Demand platform are here to provide you with a routine that is accessible anywhere, anytime. The app is here to help you choose to feel good daily. As you will hear me say often: I challenge you to focus on the feeling (especially when the burn gets deep!) and find the moments to enjoy the work you're doing to enhance your relationship with yourself, because that is what is going to keep you coming back for more

See you on your mat,


accessible anywhere

The On-Demand APP: Stream on your ipad, phone, laptop, or Apple TV from anywhere in the world. Download your favorites so they are accessible even without service or wifi!

The 2-way live classes: Be sure Zoom is downloaded to your device, stream the live class anywhere


I’ve been taking barre classes with Alexis for 5+ years now. She is the best!! Every workout is new with different combinations and music, so she is constantly mixing it up for my muscles. She uses her dance background to invent signature silhouette moves that you won’t see in any other workouts! 10/10 recommend to all my friends! Alexis is a class act!!


I absolutely love Silhouette by Alexis!!! I don’t know how I would have gotten through the pandemic without her at home workouts. The mix of cardio, dance, strength, and stretching is the best mix in a 45 min class. And all can be done in my small Brooklyn apartment. Her choreography and music is always fresh and new; love when there's a remixed oldie thrown in!


I'm coming up on my 1 year anniversary of using the Silhouette app and of working out exclusively with Alexis. As a lifelong athlete, my body was starting to hurt. Pain was becoming unmanageable. When I started taking Alexis's classes and noticed that not only did I not hurt afterwards, I often felt better. A couple of months into taking her classes, I made the switch to Alexis & SBA 100%.


Since I started silhouette there is no day that I skipped after 2 years. Either I take the signature class or Pilates on zoom, or I take a class on the Silhouette app. Some days at the beginning of the day, some days after kids are asleep - and I feel amazing! And if I travel, I just pack my phone and I don’t need anything else to get a good workout! Alexis' energy charges me and gives me a good mood, I couldn’t live without it!!!

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